This dessert wine is always a favorite. Our port is made using the traditional methods, vat fermented using a series of manual cap punchdowns to extract the rich polyphenols and tannins from our estate-grown Cynthiana grapes. The fermentation is then finished using the highest quality California brandies after which the must is lightly pressed before transfer to charred bourbon barrels for aging.

The aging process utilizes the Spanish “solera” system, which relies on fractional blending to achieve its smooth, vintage qualities. The first year's wine is barreled and ages until the following year's wine is ready for cask, at which point half of the first barrel is transferred to a second new barrel, with the remaining space in each filled from the second year's wine to produce a 50/50 blend of year one and year two. Each successive year is part of the previous years blend; such that in year three of a solera, the barrel contains 25% of year one, 25% of year two and 50% of year three. Over time, a solera will always contain a portion of each year the solera is maintained, i.e., in a 15-year-old solera a portion of the wine is 15 years old while a portion is one year old.

The result of this labor-intensive process is a port rich in body and flavor, with elements of smoke, black cherry, and dark chocolate. You will enjoy its complex yet fruitful body. 

This wine pairs well with crème brûlée and vanilla ice cream. Perfect as an evening nightcap or an after-dinner aperitif. Serve at room temperature.

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